NRI Services

NRI Services

It's very challenging to purchase, sell and manage property in India for NRIs. Lack of physical presence, constraints of busy expatriate life makes it even more difficult. In order to address these issues, PGI offers trustworthy Property Management services. With our expert team, in-depth process and our experience, we intend to make it convenient for you to invest and manage property.

Key Property Management Services we offer are:

Property Advice on Process, Pricing and Legal Compliance
Property Sale or Purchase
Property Partition Advice and Execution
Property Construction and Joint Venture
Property Document Search, Corrections and Regularisations
Transfer of Property Ownership
Regular Property Monitoring
Tenancy Management
Tax Payment
Property repairs and maintenance services

Why Choose Us

More than 15 years of experience in Property related services (Clientele includes HNIs and Celebrities)
Top tier Legal Firms
Well defined, technology enabled process
Clear and continuous visibility on the progress.
Host of value added and partner service

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