Ramesh A.S
(Architects & Consultants)

I came to know Mr.Shashidhar of Property guide india through omy friend when i was finding the lawyer for buying the property at Kasturinagar. Having gone through his services i find him, honest and expert in all his services and easy to find accessible whenever i have difficulty in handling the situation.

Sandeep Dinni
(Deputy General Manager, IBM)

Mr.Shashidhar has been a valuable guide at every step of my property buying journey, right from identifying to registering my property. I wish heartfelt thanks and wish him all the success in his vision to spread his work at a large level through property guide india.

Syed Basheer Ahmed
(Zonal Head at Synergy Property developement services pvt.ltd)

Mr.Shashidhar is my legal advisor for the past 15 years. With his services i have bought site Near International airport and Bilishivale and apartment at HBR layout and availed other legal services relating to my property decisions till date. He is friendly guide who understands the problems of the individuals patiently and gives valuable feedback. I came to know about his new business plan for extending his legal services in a big way to benefit large set of customers. I am very happy and wishing him all the best for your future endeveaours

H.V. Laxmana Gowda
(Retd.ARMY, Property Developer)

I know Mr.Shashidhar for past 10 years, who is more of like family friend to me. For all my property dealings till date i have availed his services like Documentation, Property Verification, Legal and Registration for my agricultural land at maddur, house at Rajarajeshwari nagar, and other site purchases. Previosly i have made lot of wrong decisions and lost properties for litigation issues. Then with the guidance of Shashidhar i have taken some important steps in buying property. I wish him all the best for his newly online service through website Property guide india and highly recommend for anybody who wish to avail property related services.